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Re: [Xen-users] Suse 9.3 boot problem

Dear List, dear Friedl and John

>  It sounds like you and I are having the same issue.
>1) add panic=60 to the end of your xen kernel line
>(after showopts).  This 
>will allow you to read the screen before it reboots

You guys are great, figuring thios out would have
taken many beers :-) This really helped, now I could
shoot a picture of the boot screen if I still needed
to (as someone else suggested) but... 

>2) I am seeing issues loading what looks like ext3
and >jkd modules.  with 
>some type of struct_ error, my autoraid is starting,
I >get a mount error 
>something like invalid option, then BLAM panic.

... my install claims to load reiserfs kernel module
for the default kernel. I plaid around with Suse 9.e
packages from Garloff's page. It worked there. Thus I
Think it muts be hidden either in the initrd or some
config file. 

>On Tue, 26 Apr 2005, Friedmund Lassmann wrote:

>> Hi Chris,
>> I don't know the solution, but I don't think that
>> into /proc survives the reboot. 

You ar perfectly right: it does not. So John's
solution is the way to overcome thisone (add panic=xx
after showopts in grub menu.lst file).

>>On my SUSE 9.3 I >have some
>> kernel settings in /etc/sysctl.conf which are then
>> into /proc with /etc/init.d/boot.sysctl
>> (sysctl -e -p /etc/sysctl.conf)
>> but I don't know if this script is run before your
>> So I hope there is a better solution.
>> BTW - did you try booting from the GRUB
commandline, >maybe
>> into runlevel 1 at a first try? 
>> Regards,
>> Friedl
>> Chris Epicier wrote:
>> > Hi there
>> > 
>> > I got Suse 9.3 on a raid 1 (md0 :boot and root
and >md1
>> > home)
>> > When I try to get the xen kernel booted, the
>> > goes up to a certain point and then reboots
>> > 
>> > I got two problems: 
>> > 1) Since I used default suse parameters I would
>> > all my settings should be OK, so why does it not
>> > 
>> > 2) When booting and getting to the reboot point,
>> > holds the messages only for one second. How can I
>> > this timeout larger (tried panic=30 in grub's
>> > and echo 30 > /proc/sys/kernel/panic, both in
>> > 
>> > thanks


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