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Re: [Xen-users] xen on suse 9.3 and software raid

Robbie Dinn wrote:
> I don't know how to fix mkinitrd, but I am going to try to fix up
> the initrd image by hand. delete the extraneous modules and edit
> the init script to load just the -xen modules.
> I'll reply when I find out if this helps or not.

Did that but no change in behaviour. ho hum...

I have shell, but not any final root filesystem. Currently
using the initrd filesystem image.

I can see a directory /sys/block/md0 but if I look in
/sys/block/md0/size, it contains 0 (zero).

I editted the file ./init in the initrd image, changing
the line line that reads

  mount -t tmpfs -o 'size=5%' initramfsdevs $devdir


  mount -t tmpfs -o 'size=10%' initramfsdevs $devdir


Then I dropped mdadm and rmmod into the ./sbin/ directory

rebuild initrd with:

  cd /base/of/initrd/image
  find ./ | cpio -H newc --create | gzip -9 >/boot/new-initrd-image

Rebooting and then getting shell prompt...

Doing 'rmmod raid1 ; insmod raid1.ko' didn't help.
Doing 'mdadm /dev/md0 --stop ; mdadm /dev/md0 --run' did not help.

Any one else got any ideas?

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