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[Xen-users] Starting domain - hangs

Hello All,
Using FC3
Booted in Xen...with the initrd in grub.conf to tide over the udev issue of Fedora Core 3
I have created a domain with follwing parameters in my domain config file:
kernel = "/boot/vmlinuz-2.4.29-xenU"
memory = 64
name = "enjoy1"
disk = [ 'file:/root/fedora.img,hda3,w' ]
As you can see I am using freshly a created fedora.img.
now it hangs at the same point (where others had pointed out it hangs when there was no
initrd in the grub.conf when the system itself is booting up in Xen.)
for me it hangs after i try to start the domain with
$ xm create -c enjoy1
Freeing unused kernel memory: 60k freed
Warning: unable to open an initial console
$ xm list  shows the domain enjoy1 up with the "b" flag
I am not sure if it makes sense but I also tried putting
Initrd = "/root/initrd-fc3.img"
in the domain config ....unfortunately it makes no difference.
Would appreciate if someone give me some ideas or pointers.
thanks !
C. Jog
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