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[Xen-users] Sharing a CDROM drive between domains

Hello, all.  So far Xen has worked well for us other than the NFS issued
I just posted and this CCD issue.  The physical server has an IDE CDROM
drive on /dev/hda.  We would like to share this between domains as a
read only device.

In the domain configuration files, we created a disk entry of
[ 'phy:hda,hda,r' . . . .].  We thought that would create a /dev/hda on
each of the unprivileged domains.  It created an hda0 instead.  We then
tried to mount /dev/hda0 at /mnt.  The mount appear to succeed but then
gives a data underrun error.  How does one share a CDROM drive between
domains? Thanks - John
John A. Sullivan III
Open Source Development Corporation
+1 207-985-7880

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