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Re: [Xen-users] Xen reboots on dom-U disk stress...

How much memory does dom0 have?  I believe NFS + loopback files is very prone 
to out-of-memory problems so it seems most likely your dom0 died.

If you hook up a serial line, you might be able to get some useful output 
before it dies.

Had you considered using something like GNBD instead of NFS + loopback?  It 
should perform better and be less prone to OOM problems.


On Wednesday 11 May 2005 08:36, Roland Paterson-Jones wrote:
> Hi all
> I tried to run bonnie++ disk stresser in dom-U, who's disk is backed
> with non-local (on nfs) loop-back file.
> The machine rebooted pretty quickly.
> So, how do I tell what's barfing? Is it Xen? Is it dom-0 (nfs or
> loop-back)?
> I looked in dom-0's /var/log/messages and didn't see any obvious record
> of a dom-0 whoopsie (but is that the right place to look etc...).
> Any help greatfully received.
> Incidently, I ran bonnie++ successfully in dom-U with disk backed by
> local (dom-0 ext3) loop-back file. This pleasantly surprised me, as
> loop-back files don't have a good rep for stability under load.
> Regards
> Roland
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