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[Xen-users] Diskspace to DomU


I am about to setup a new Xen server which will host a few DomU's, one of which will be a file server.
The file server will, naturally, have quite a lot of disk space and my question is:

If my file servrer domain uses a lot of disk space and the disks used are on two separate controllers, is it possible to dedicate those two PCI-devices to the domain and have that domain run LVM or EVMS to manage the disks itself instead of exporting a volume through Dom0?

And if it is, which is best? Does it yield better performance this way, or should I stick with exporting it through Dom0?

Oh, I have already used dedicated Ethernet NICs for a few domains so I now it is possible to assign PCI devices to privileged domains, so my first question is really if block devices is a "special case" which will not work.....

Any input is appreciated.

Best Regards
Jake S.



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