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Re: [Xen-users] [newbie] will a xenlinux kernel boot normally?

> This might be a stupid question :), I'm just experimenting with xen and
> very happy with what I've seen so far (the demo CD). Question is: Will a
> xenlinux kernel boot on a real machine (without xen) ? If not, is there
> a plan to support this?

No, for now you have to run Xen and XenLinux together.  A XenLinux that'll 
also run on the "bare metal" is some way off yet - it's not that easy on x86.

> I'm thinking of installing and running distros as transparent as possible.

It's perfectly possible to dual-boot Xen/XenLinux and vanilla Linux on the 
same system, though and many people do this.  You just have to add a grub 
entry for Xen/XenLinux and it'll be able to boot your standard distro install 
into dom0.

Guest domains may be booted from a kernel in dom0's (i.e. the host's) 
filesystem, so they don't have to have a Xen kernel installed on their 
virtual disk in order to work.


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