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[Xen-users] suspend/resume and live migration I/O mappings

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  • From: "Alan Greenspan" <alan@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 17 May 2005 09:02:05 -0400
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Question about suspend/resume and live migration wrt I/O mappings.
When suspending a domain and resuming it on a different host or using live migration, what are the I/O configuration requirements of the source and target hosts?   In particular, if using block devices in dom0 for use as domU disks, does the destination host require an identical view of the block devices?   In other words, suppose a SAN LUN seen on /dev/sdc in dom0 on the source host is mapped to a domU for one of its disks, but on the destination host, the same SAN LUN shows up on /dev/sdd in dom0, is there an ability to remap the devices for a domU during the resume or migration?   Same issue for eth devices as the source/destination may not have an identical number of NICs or the network connectivity of NICs may different on the two hosts.   I suppose the same issue even extends to file based disks in shared NFS or clustered storage - do both source/destination hosts require the same NFS mount points?   I'm fairly new to Xen, but I don't see any obvious mechanisms for remapping a domU's I/O during resume or live migration.
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