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[Xen-users] Xen and routing

Hi all,
        I'm just getting started with Xen, and having some problems with
networking. I installed Xen 2.0.5 from the Suse 9.2 binaries, and have been able to boot a domain fine. I'm hoping to make two domains and give them static IP addresses (e.g. and - nothing fancy.

When I start the xend service, however, xen's network script deletes all
routes associated with eth0, and associates them with xen-br0.
Thereafter I cannot ping or ssh to the machine from any external
machines.  My attempts to delete and recreate routes:

        route del -net netmask
        route add -net netmask eth0
        route del default gw
        route add default gw eth0

have been ineffective so far.  When I run the xen network script:
network stop bridge=xen-br0 netdev=eth0
I get connectivity back.

Does anyone have any recommendations for quickly setting up my
routing/bridging to make my two virtual domains available form my network?



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