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RE: [Xen-users] More verbose commit messages?


> Just as a suggestion, perhaps publish more of what a commit 
> change does (ie. FreeBSD style) or even reference a bug# or 
> mailing list thread.

Fair comment. From a developers point of view, I think the checkin
comments are generally quite descriptive, though it would be helpful if
they were concluded with a sentence that described the user impact,
citeing a bug where appropriate.

[ I do wish that checkin comments would be prefixed with the
architecture they effect if they're arch specific, or if they're guest
related, which guest they effect. However, it's probably futile trying
to get x86_32 and linux 2.6 developers to do this consistently :-) ]

> http://xen.bkbits.net:8080/xen-2.0-testing.bk/cset@xxxxxx?
> nav=index.html|ChangeSet@-7d
> and while it does look like something important and maybe I 
> should consider upgrading in order to fix a serious bug I 
> really have no idea... it might just be a cleanup of the 
> coding style.  I'm not C hacker so I have no idea.

"Fix multi-page I/O accesses in the blkback driver in cases where we
receive partial-completion callbacks" is actually a pretty good
description of what that changset does. I'm not sure anyone has ever
filed this as a bug, but its potentially serious and was found as part
of investigating an issue with CDROM accesses not working.


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