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Re: [Xen-users] Re: oom-killer keeps killing big un-tars

Please excuse the other email, brain fart...

Stephan Seitz wrote:
<snip> (I'll respond to the snipped sections after testing.)

> Maybe it has to do with mount options for reiserfs, which was the
> target fs for all oom-killer actions.
> You seem to have reiserfs, too. Could you mount it with data=writeback
> and try again? This is the fastest (and in some way unsafest) option.
> Your write performance will increase very much. I'm normally using
> data=journal, the safest and slowest option.
> Maybe some other guys can tell, if journalling code is unswappable and
> can lead to oom-killer.

When you say "unsafest", that's only for the partition that's being mounted in that fashion, correct?

So, if I only mount this drive I'm trying to untar this file on with data=writeback, I won't be unwittingly putting my other partitions at risk will I? (I'm hoping that this option can be set for a specific partition and not for the entire OS.)

Andrew Thompson

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