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Re: [Xen-users] hostfs for xen?

Nils Toedtmann wrote:

You could certainly use it to achieve the same goal.

Not if my goal is to avoid network filesystems or - like John - to avoid
networking at all! Hostfs is _much_ simpler (and more secure??) than nfs
Which is a perfectly reasonable goal. Keep in mind however you do not have to expose a virtual network interface to the real network so you can think of a virtual network interfaces as just another interdomain communication mechanism.

or smbfs/cifs. nfs needs a portmapper daemon, a nfs-server, a lock-
daemon, uses dynamic port allocations which are hard to firewall,
authentication need to be configured properly; cifs/smbfs needs - at
least - a nmbd & smbd deamon, sid<-->uid mapping and authentication need
to be configured properly ... And you do not want to export a unixish fs
to a unixish os via cifs ;)
Actually, modern cifs clients provide unix extensions. Also, you do not need most of the stuff you suggested. The advantages of not having that much additional software running in dom0 is true. However, a hostfs is a one-OS solution. It requires significant engineering to extend to other platforms (like the BSD's, Windows, etc.). That's something to consider.

There are cifs (and nfs) clients for Linux, Windows, *BSD, etc. I'm not suggesting that this is the only solution but I certainly think it's a useful one.

btw: vmware has another functionality they call "shared folders". That
comes much closer to hostfs.
Isn't shared folders implemented with Samba?


Anthony Liguori


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