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[Xen-users] Announce: rsysklogd

Slightly offtopic: I would like to announce the version 0.1 of rsysklogd, a
minimalistic (and small) sysklogd daemon which does not do local logging but 
will send all messages to a remote logging host.

I use Xen to make a clean seperation of different services on a single
machine. To ease the administration and monitoring, i do not want to run 
a full sysklogd with local logging in each machine, but have the virtual
machines send their messages to the sysklogd in dom0 which will log all.

rsysklogd has especially designed for this use and can not do any other
logging (unlike remote logging capable other solutions like syslog-ng)
resulting in a small footprint, which is good for the memory usage of 
virtual machines. Also allows to get rid of logrotate (and therefore often
even of cron and a mta). So i think rsysklogd might be interesting for other 
Xen users with a similar usage profile (therefore the announce here).

Download URL: http://kju.de/projekte/rsysklogd/rsysklogd-0.1.tar.gz


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