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Re: [Xen-users] Xen - SMP Build

> I own an IBM Xserver 350 with 4 CPU onboard.
> I want to compile Xen domain0 with SMP support, but i didn't find the SMP
> choice in the configuration.
> Then I set "default=y" on Kconfig and "make ARCH=xen menuconfig" and I've
> compiled it but I had a compilation error.
> The single CPU configuration works well instead.
> What are the right steps to compile Xen domain0 with SMP support ?
> I have: Fedora Core 3 - Xen 2.0.5 stable - kernel 2.6.10.
> Thank's in advance.

The 2.x series doesn't support SMP *guests*.  Xen itself is (and has always 
been) SMP capable, so you *can* distribute your uniprocessor guests across 
*all* the CPUs in the system.

Since in Xen, dom0 is also another guest (albeit one with special privileges 
for certain operations), it is also unable to see the multiple CPUs.

In the unstable tree, all domains can use SMP (this is currently undergoing 
optimisation).  This will be released as Xen 3.0 later in the year.


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