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Re: [Xen-users] POWER5 & XEN

GÃbor Radics wrote:
> if I understand well on the IBM's power5 processor an sHype Hypervisor
> running which makes the same job what Xen makes on an x86 processor.
> I also read the Xen article in LINUX FORMAT (June 2005), that xen's
> powerPC-s port is under way.
> My question is in this context that will be xen the successor of the
> sHype in the future, or will it only be an alternative hypervisor or
> what is the plan with xen for powerPC?
> IBM has a very nice setup, namely eSeries OpenPower 720, and I would be
> interested, if I would be able to try/test xen on them as well. Just for
> curiosity.

I'm one of the people working on the Xen PowerPC port. We're not
targeting POWER5 systems, but rather 970 systems (we're specifically
using Momentum's Maple board for development).

On the plus side, POWER5 systems have an already-working hypervisor
installed (which as others have pointed out is not sHype). :)

Hollis Blanchard
IBM Linux Technology Center

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