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RE: FW: [Xen-users] Problem with Dell Poweredge 1850

> After a few day of off and on testing it would appear that 
> adding "nousb" to the 2.6 kernel boot options in the grub 
> config fixes this problem.  I have tested with the last few 
> days of unstable builds without a hang.  I have no idea why 
> this works but, so far it does.  I have not had a chance to 
> test much with 2.0.6 so I can't say for sure if the same 
> holds true there.

Interesting. This might turn out just to be a differnce in kernel config
between the xen and native kernels you've tried. It might be interesting
to compile up a stock native kernel with a config as close as
possible to the xen0 one, and see if the same problem is exhibited. 

Also, if there are any USB options in the BIOS (e.g. legacy support) it
might be interesting to know if they have any effect.

It would be particularly interesting to know what the unstable tree does
on these systems, as the code is quite different.


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