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RE: [Xen-users] gtk gui

> I was curious if anyone else was hacking on a gtk front end 
> to xend. I started one on monday in pygtk because the core 
> bindings for xend are written in python. This is both my 
> frist python and pygtk experience, although i am familiar 
> with gtk+. I have a few early screenshots at the following 
> url. There should be descent functionality by friday. I am 
> considering using gnome-vte for console support, but this 
> would definitely prevent running on win32 clients. Although 
> that is not a primary goal of mine, it might be for others. 
> Any ideas, comments, suggestions are welcome.
> http://people.mosaix.net/chris/images/xenmanager/

The guys from Clarkson posted a link to something similar a few weeks
back. Perhaps you guys could get together and pool resources?

It would be great if there was a GUI for the unstable tree in time for
the 3.0 release. Keir recently hid the xensv code from the tree (a
web-based front end) as the code had rotted. I'm pretty agnostic as to
whether we have a thin or thick client interface. If soemone wants to
resusitate xensv we could even have both... 

How are you interfacing with xend? Invoking xm commands, or issuing
requests to the xend control socket directly? I guess the latter is more
tasteful, but the former is better documented.


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