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Re: [Xen-users] Watchdog support in XEN?

On Onsdag 27 juli 2005 21:58, Mark Williamson wrote:

> I think you'd ideally want both:
> * Hardware watchdog in dom0 in case dom0 or Xen crashes
> * Software watchdog for domU is provided by dom0 (which we can guarantee is
> up because of the hardware watchdog) via the store
> In the absence of a hardware watchdog, you could also implement a software
> watchdog for dom0 in Xen itself, which is likely to be the most reliable
> piece of code in the system and shouldn't lock up even if dom0 does.

Correct Mark. This is the solution that I would prefer. Unfortunately I wont 
have time for programming this. I hope that others do before I really need 
the feature. For now its just on my wish list.

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