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RE: [Xen-users] Network interrupts disable?

> I got xen-unstable.hg, did a fresh hg pull today(08/01).
> Then I built and installed xen-unstable.
> I can boot up Xen and Dom0. (DomU didn't create.) But a 
> network of Dom0 cannot be connected.
> How should I do?
> I use RTL-8139 network card, and 8139too.
> So, I checked /proc/interrupts and network interrupts didn't count. 
> ======================================================
>            CPU0       
>  17:          0        Phys-irq  yenta, eth0

It might be worth disabling PCMCIA (yenta) and seeing if that helps.
There's been several complaints about shared interrupts not working.

Also, compare the boot messages (particularly wrt to interrupt routing)
of a Xen/dom0 boot vs an equivalently configured native kernel.


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