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Re: [Xen-users] Has 2.4 kernel support ended on xen?

> Patches welcome :-)  We could even have a 2.4 port maintainer...

Hmmmmm.  I've seen less rotten things in student kitchens than the 2.4 tree in 
-unstable.  Something tells me that this hasn't been built in a long while...

Since I've already started playing with this I'll probably fix up the 2.4 port 
and stick an HG tree online for people to test.  I'm not volunteering to be 
the official maintainer, just yet though ;-) so it'd be nice if we could have 
a build daemon that tries all the ports and all the architectures and screams 
via e-mail if something breaks the build.  Hopefully that'll irritate people 
enough to avoid a huge build up of mouldy code!

Shahzad: would you be willing to test the fixed 2.4 on your box?


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