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Re: [Xen-users] XEN hardware compatibility list

Mark Williamson wrote:

+1, agreed. The answer with HT is always very much "It depends". The exception is that it's generally a good thing to run dom0 concurrently, in a separate thread from the domUs. This improves IO performance, particular on UP systems (not too sure how it fits in the Xen performance picture on SMP systems).

As I read this, I was wondering if Xen has a boot parameter for enabling / disabling hyperthread, ala the "noht" option in linux (in fact, I cannot find the noht flag in the Linux 2.6.12 source either)? However I did come across some patches on the xen-changelog archive that refer to the noht flag, so it seems it was there at one time.



Patrick O'Rourke

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