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Re: [Xen-users] networking in xen

Jorge I. Davila L. wrote:

>Hi all!:
>Sorry for my ignorance :-(
>I'm installing xen-2.0.5 in a fedora core 3.
>When I try to ping at the new created domain (not domain0) I can't obtain
>a response.
>I see the virtual interface (vif5.0) and xen-br0 but I can connect to the
>new domain.
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did you assign a "virtual" mac address to the domain in its config? It
should look something like this:

vif = [ 'mac=aa:00:00:75:20:df, bridge=xen-br0' ]

This is no 'real' mac address (real in the sense of that it belongs to
any real hardware in your system). This would probably solve your
problem permanently (assuming that the installation is fine and that
there are no other problems ;-)).

The reason why you cannot ping your domU immediately is that otherwise
xen has to first create a random mac address. Thus you have to first do
some networking stuff from your domU (e.g. logging in via xm console
'yourdomUIDhere' and then do a ping) such that other network equipment
becomes aware of your domU and its mac. Unless configured with vif =
[...] as shown above you will have the same problem each time you start
up the new domain.

I hope I could provide some help.



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