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Re: [Xen-users] Options for >4GB setups

> I know that this has been asked to death on the list, and in the past
> few days I've been trying to see if there were other options for
> getting a xen host to use more than 4GB of RAM.

Under Xen 2.0, I'm afraid you're stuck.  xen-unstable's support for >4Gig is 
coming along nicely, though.

> I've tried xen-unstable x86_64 on Xeon EM64Ts as well as xen-unstable
> with the initial PAE support but neither got me too far from booting:
> the former hangs when using the supplied binaries in
> xen-unstable-x86_64 and the latter a known bug at domain_build.c:327.
> And I know that the developers (who are really hard at work) have said
> that xen 3.0 may be coming out really soon now, but was wondering if
> there were anys suggestions for the impatient ones. ;-)

Patience, study the teachings of Xen and you will achieve enlightenment.  
Ooops, that's the wrong [ZX]en :-)  Try the latest revision / tomorrow's 
snapshot (Keir checked in a fix today that corrected several known bugs) and 
see if that improves things for you.


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