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Re: [Xen-users] Webinterface Bug

On Sunday 14 August 2005 10:55, Aaron // LT wrote:
> I'm not sure how complete the web interface is, but I did notice that it
> was not password protected in anyway, and a few things like pause, and
> restart were not working...

Somewhere on the archives it's said that these functions were removed (for 
security purposes?) and xensv is not actively maintained at the moment.

> Is there a way to password protect the web interface?

You could use apache as a reverse proxy and use its authentification 
interface. Maybe it would be a good idea to let xensv listen to localhost 
only - it can be simply done (in Daemon.py):

-        reactor.listenTCP( SV_PORT, server.Site( root ) )
+        reactor.listenTCP( SV_PORT, server.Site( root ), 
interface="localhost" )


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