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Re: [Xen-users] Xen0 crashes at point of 'Power Off' of XenU

Hi George,

George Styles wrote:


Im running Xen testing downloaded yesterday (14 August), with Debian
stable as the Xen0, and a dd'ed copy of my old Mandrake install in

I have my own kernel (built to support DVB cards and USB).

I am running the kernel-xen0 in both dom0 and domU (because I cannot
find multimedia devices in the kernel config for XenU and dont know
enough about kernel building to work out why). This seems to work.

I have 1 problem however - im not sure if its related to USB use (I
didnt get it before I 'passed through' the USB to DomU, but didnt run
that many tests), but when I shutdown domU (mandrake), it shuts down
right up to the point where it says 'Power Off'. At that point, Dom0
is frozen, not responding to network, no screen output (may have been
on screensaver before), and no keyboard response.

Im guessing that I just need to disable power management in the domU
so it doesnt try to power down - anyone know how to do that? is it a
kernel param in the xen .cfg file? something like noacpi?

Anyone know why I cant find multimedia devices in the KernelU config?
Did you hide the USB Device from Dom0? Sounds like a problem that I experienced when testing network cards.

The guest kernel tries to shutdown the USB device although it is still in use in dom0 and thus crashes the whole system. It's just a guess. So look for

kernel /boot/xen-2.0.7.gz dom0_mem=262144 physdev_dom0_hide=(00:04.0)

in your menu.lst and hide your own PCI address that is used by your USB Host controller if you did not already do so.





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