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Urgent From Mrs. Mildred Aristide


I pray this important message meets you in peace, May blessings of God be
upon you and your family and grant you the wisdom to understand my
and how much I really need your assistance. 
Before I start let me introduce myself, my name is Mrs. Mildred Trouillot
Aristide wife of the ousted President Jean-Bertrand Aristide of Haiti.

After the United States and France conspired and forced him out of power,
and he filed a lawsuit in Paris accusing unnamed French officials of "death
threats, kidnapping and sequestration" in connection with his flight to
Africa see details(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jean-Bertrand_Aristide) the
government has turned against my husband and his family with strange
accusation. At first I thought it was a little vendetta from my husband's
enemies but I was wrong.

Many media sources reported that Aristide had resigned and been refused
asylum by South Africa. On March 1, 2004, US Congresswoman Maxine Waters
(D-CA), along with Randall Robinson, a family friend of the Aristides, each
reported that Aristide had told them using a smuggled cellular telephone
that he had been forced to resign against his will by United States
diplomats and Marines, and that he was abducted against his will, and
continued to be held hostage by an undisclosed armed military guard. When
asked whether Aristide was guarded in the Central African Republic by
officers, the French Defense Minister answered that Aristide was protected,
not imprisoned, and that he would leave when he could but our situation has
now turned to something else, they arrested my husband and then they froze
all our Bank Accounts known to them, hoping that we will starve to death
can't we all live in peace?  Since I can't do anything in my position here,
this is where you will come in. My family is going through hardship; my
husband is always surrounded by "hundreds" of troops, mostly Americans,
which made him feel intimidated always.
Aristide's personal account has been frozen by the American as such cannot
be involved in any direct financial transaction until this terrible ordeal
is over. 

The same has been with the remaining members of my family and me Where
previously placed under house arrest until the timely intervention of the
human right organization with the assistance of Bishop Desmond Tutu of

The new president of Haiti and the Bush Government has seized more than
US$45 million dollars already and they are still seizing a lot of land and
property belonging to my family. 
All that is remaining now is my personal savings of US$11.2 million
dollars, and this money has been kept in an escrow account in a place I
cannot disclose, until we make personal contact.
Presently I am based in south Africa Johannesburg with  my husband and
family members trying to start a new life we cannot live comfortable again
in South Africa so my husband advice that we move to one of his house in
Bahamas pending when his travail will come an end .
So after discussing with a senior member of my family and husband, this is
what we plan to do with the money, we seek the assistance of a foreign
partner with good background without any dealing with drug or terrorist
activities to act as a front on our behalf we planned to send the fund to
your country using a very good and reliable diplomatic courier /financial
institution service in central Europe. 
So this is why we need a foreign partner and your help ASAP.

Since you will be the one collecting the consignment/funds in the country
that it will be sent to, the sum will be shared in three ways. 20% will be
used to invest in your country or company while 30% will be for you and the
other 50% will be for us. And also confidentiality is extremely important
and before I forget once the sum arrives in the designated country (which I
will disclose to you later) we will require you to send us an invitation
letter to visit your country (please note, not compulsory) since we are
eligible to travel out upon the conclusion of this transaction., this is
a deal or business, it is cry for HELP.
May God guide you, when you reply please leave your contact details Private
phone and fax numbers for easy communications, my personal assistant Mr.
Allen Robert will speak to you? He will relate all your messages to me, and
if you wish to talk to me just tell him and he will make all the necessary
arrangement. And for your own information you are not spending a cent or
Rand or dollar in this transaction I will personally take care of all
financial matters as far as this transaction is concern and this money is
drug free and 100% risk free and very legitimate and not my husband money
but mine from the savings I made while he was still in power it has got
nothing to do with government funds.
Please Time is very paramount, so your urgent response is needed, above all
you can send me an email on MrsMildred52@xxxxxxxxxxxx because I would
email Correspondence for now. 
May God bless you.

Mrs. Mildred Aristide(MrsMildred52@xxxxxxxxxxxx)

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