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Re: [Xen-users] Failover

Looks much like it. All the info i can find about Xen is all about high
availability for maintenance downtime etc. But that's one of the least
important things to me about high availability.

Please note that i don't have experimented with Xen yet.

Lets assume (don't pin me to it, as i'm just assuming these numbers) that an
average xen virtual machine takes 1 minute to boot up. Then it would only
cost me 1 minute downtime when a server crashes. But as i read the info i've
seen so far about Xen, there's even not mentioned a hardware failure.


Matthijs ter Woord

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> > Isn't there a way to set up a drbd partition which contians the vm
> > images, setting files etc, and somehow detect a failure of node 1 so
node 2
> > can start booting?
> Yes, but that's not really failover, eh? :)
> John
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