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[Xen-users] Strange crashes on xen-box (imagemagick/mysql/swap)


I'm relatively new to xen but do never the less very much like the
concept & trying to run xen on a production-web-sever. "Trying" 
because problems start to arrise and the circumstances are rather
strange: (But quit to describe)

When running imagemagick from apache mysql crashes with a Signal 11.

The other strange thing is that no swapspace at all is used. For
those of you who have never seen a Linux-Box using no swap, this is 
the 'top' header:

Mem:   1554072k total,   544752k used,  1009320k free,    28092k buffers
Swap:  3903784k total,        0k used,  3903784k free,   385208k cached

Since I'm already running the server in production and don't have
physical access I can't try out to much.
My only solution in the moment is to install a non-xen kernel and to
cry because I would miss it :,(

Best thanks for your help,


My setting:

I'm running on debian/sarge kernel 2.6.11 / xen 2.0.6. Both Kernel
and Xen are compiled by myself.

Cpu is p4 family 15 model 4 stepping 1 3.2GHz (xeon i've been told).
The box includes one aacraid controler with raid1. 
Nothing more special here.

I'm running only one domain (dom0). With a total of 1.5 gig mem out
of 2.0 gig. Xend is not running.

There are no messages of xen in syslog after mysql crashes. Only the
(very long) error message from mysql.

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                                web http://www.axon-e.de
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