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Re: [Xen-users] VMX Hardware


> Looking at Intels latest 'upgrade' path, which shows we'll often have to buy new HW for new cpu's, I'd go for AMD. > Seems they're into the game of longtime support, so my bet is that you'll be able to outfit quite a lot of the latest mobos with future AMD64 cpu's. > This has of late been the case with i.e. their X2 line. Most resent mobos can handle those with a BIOS upgrade.
> I'd be looking at Iwill, Tyan, Gigabye.

This is conjecture, nor am I well versed in this technology, so take this with a grain of salt.

I would assuume that both Intel and AMD platforms will need a new mainboard for the switch to hardware VM tech...


Intel: If only beacsue if the external memory controller, seemingly they Intel will need a new chipset. I also don't see Intel passing on an oportuniity to sell more chipsets.

AMD: With AMD planning to rollout support for DDR-2 and sockets M2/F, it is unlikely that hardware VM tech will be back-ported to the current generation A64 platform.

-- David

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