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Re: [Xen-users] Boot problem with a "scsi" disk

Hi Grabriele,

Gabriele Cardosi schrieb:

I would like to use Xen (or, at least, to see how it works) but I cannot boot it. I have an old laptop with a USB 1.0 and a pcmcia card with 2 USB2.0 ports on it, and a SuSE 9.3 I cannot delete my windows from the primary hd, so I have the /boot on it (/dev/hda2) and the root on the external hard disk (/dev/sda5) which is connected to the laptop throug the pcmcia card. I had to make an initrd to boot it with the following modules: yenta_socket, pcmcia, ehci-hcd, ohci.hcd, uhci-hcd, scsi_mod, sd_mod, usb-storage, piix, and reiserfs. And it works for my "normal" SuSE 9.3.
But, when I try to start "xen", I got the following scenarios:
if I connect the external hard disk to the pcmcia, the system doesn't see it at all; if I connect the external hard disk to the usb 1.0, the system see it but end up saying ". not found... (etc..)";
That might be the interesting part. Is it complaining about the root volume not being found? Then it could be that a certain hardware driver is missing and you have to compile the kernel anew.

Please provide this error message more completely.


sometimes I also got an error about uhci_hcd going down for some reason ("something bad happened"); if I try with the boot option "physdev_dom0_hide=(00:07.02)", the system hang up without seeing my hard disk.
Sounds like a problem with your hardware (unstable electrical contacts?) or instability of a driver module. How does it work with SuSEs standard kernel?


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