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Re: [Xen-users] what makes a good xen machine?


It all depends on what you're doing. There are a few rules of thumb, though:

* Hyperthreading helps (though not essential) - if dom0 can have a dedicated hyperthread, it can run all the time servicing other domains with having to be context-switched in and out. * You need enough memory to give *each* virtual machine (including dom0), plus some extra for Xen itself. Because the memory is hard-partitioned (you can't overcommit) you need to have enough for all the domains. * Processor speed needs to be enough to cope with the computation you're doing across all the virtual machines (+ a bit extra for overheads).

For very demanding network loads (small packets at GigE line rate), you need lots of CPU (i.e. true SMP) but since this is a pessimal case, its unlikely you have a workload that requires it.


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