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Re: [Xen-users] xenU kernel and win4lin patches

Thousand excuses people of the list. The term would be: in common

No flames. Sincerely speaking, projects GPL as qemu/xen have more IN COMMON
than "similar" proprietors as vmware/win4lin. The pontencial comes of the
free philosophy of being. Congratulations xen, congratulations qemu!!!


Leonardo Pinto.

> I am not no expert in the subject, however certainly to marry the Win4lin
> with xenU does not go to function. Perhaps you it obtains something with
> xen0. It reads: http://www.win4lin.com/content/view/182/204/
> Yep, Win4Lin in a domU should work fine. It gets you the ability to run
> Windows on Xen, plus have Xen features like strong isolation, resource
> accounting and live migration.
> It also tries the QEmu/KQEmu besides being GPL, the proper Win4linPro
> walks being felt inspired in it.
> QEmu should run fine... KQemu (the binary accelerator module) probably
> work in a Xen guest (although it could in principle be ported - there's an
> open source version called qvm86 that might be worth trying...)
> Cheers,
> Mark
> greetings,
> Leonardo Pinto.
> Can I compile a xenU kernel that also has the patches for win4lin9x?
> --
> Kindest regards,
> ========================
> F. W. Owen
> Owenlea Holsteins

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