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Re: [Xen-users] MacOsX?

> In theory, could we run MacOsX on a Xen kernel, as MacOS is a BSD
> dervied kernel? am I right in thinking that we could get Darwin
> running on the Xen, then MacOSx properitory stuff in userland on
> top???

If somebody ported Darwin to run on Xen then yes this would work.  Apple does 
stick *some* proprietary code in the Darwin kernel shipped with MacOS but you 
can also run MacOS on a fully open source Darwin without major issues.

Don't know if anyone will want to do this on PPC, since Apple are moving to 
Intel.  For Intel, either a port of Darwin (which one could work on now) *or* 
a fully virtualised MacOS VM on Vanderpool / Pacifica hardware should be 
possible (depending on what technical / licensing measures Apple use to 
restrict the use of OSX86).


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