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[Xen-users] Can't get PCI device access in domU to work


I'm running Xen 2.0.7 with Linux as domain0 (Linux,
built from source.

Running Linux 2.6 guest donmains with the default xenU kernel works
fine. But I can't run Linux 2.6 guest with access to PCI devices.

I successfully hid the PCI devices (network cards) from domain0 using
the physdev_dom0_hide parameter (lspci in domain0 doesn't find the
anymore). Next I rebuilt the linux-2.6.11-xenU with physical device
access  and PCI support (but no drivers yet, I just wanted to see wether
the guest domain can find the PCI device) added to the configuration
options. I also added  pci = [ '02,0d,0' ] to the domain config file.

Upon trying to create the guest domain with the new kernel it
immediately crashed without any console output from the guest kernel.

What am I doing wrong?

The relevant part from the xend.log:

 ------------------------- cut here -------------------

[2005-08-22 11:47:24 xend] DEBUG (XendDomainInfo:720) init_domain> Created 
domain=12 name=rproxy memory=64
[2005-08-22 11:47:24 xend] INFO (console:94) Created console id=10 domain=12 
[2005-08-22 11:47:24 xend] DEBUG (XendDomainInfo:1130) Creating vbd dom=12 
[2005-08-22 11:47:24 xend] DEBUG (blkif:155) Connecting blkif 
<BlkifBackendInterface 12 0>
[2005-08-22 11:47:24 xend] DEBUG (XendDomainInfo:1178) Creating pci device 
dom=12 bus=2 dev=d func=0
[2005-08-22 11:47:24 xend] DEBUG (XendDomainInfo:1107) Creating vif dom=12 
vif=0 mac=aa:00:00:01:42:68
[2005-08-22 11:47:24 xend] INFO (XendRoot:113) EVENT> xend.console.create [10, 
12, 9612]
[2005-08-22 11:47:25 xend] INFO (XendRoot:113) EVENT> xend.domain.create 
['rproxy', '12']
[2005-08-22 11:47:25 xend] INFO (XendRoot:113) EVENT> xend.domain.unpause 
['rproxy', '12']
[2005-08-22 11:47:25 xend] INFO (console:44) Console connected 10 4096
[2005-08-22 11:47:25 xend] INFO (XendRoot:113) EVENT> xend.console.connect [10, 
'', 4096]
[2005-08-22 11:47:25 xend] DEBUG (XendDomain:244) XendDomain>reap> domain died 
name=rproxy id=12
[2005-08-22 11:47:25 xend] INFO (XendDomain:568) Destroying domain: name=rproxy
[2005-08-22 11:47:25 xend] DEBUG (XendDomainInfo:665) Destroying vifs for 
domain 12
[2005-08-22 11:47:25 xend] DEBUG (netif:305) Destroying vif domain=12 vif=0
[2005-08-22 11:47:25 xend] DEBUG (XendDomainInfo:674) Destroying vbds for 
domain 12
[2005-08-22 11:47:25 xend] DEBUG (blkif:552) Destroying blkif domain=12
[2005-08-22 11:47:25 xend] DEBUG (blkif:408) Destroying vbd domain=12 idx=0
[2005-08-22 11:47:25 xend] DEBUG (XendDomainInfo:634) Closing console, domain 12
[2005-08-22 11:47:25 xend] DEBUG (XendDomainInfo:622) Closing channel to domain 
[2005-08-22 11:47:25 xend] INFO (XendRoot:113) EVENT> xend.virq 4
[2005-08-22 11:47:25 xend] DEBUG (blkif:363) Unbinding vbd (type phy) from 
[2005-08-22 11:47:25 xend] INFO (console:58) Console disconnected 10 
[2005-08-22 11:47:25 xend] INFO (XendRoot:113) EVENT> xend.domain.exit 
['rproxy', '12', 'crash']
[2005-08-22 11:47:25 xend] INFO (XendRoot:113) EVENT> xend.domain.destroy 
['rproxy', '12']
[2005-08-22 11:47:25 xend] INFO (XendRoot:113) EVENT> xend.console.disconnect 
[10, '', 4096]
[2005-08-22 11:47:26 xend] INFO (XendRoot:113) EVENT> xend.domain.died 
['rproxy', '12']

 ------------------------- cut here -------------------

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