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[Xen-users] netbooting HP dl145

I am trying to netboot Xen onto an HP DL145. I am running xen-2.0.7 and a based kernel for xen0.

Most of the time, what happens is the PXE comes up gets it DHCP address and loads xen.gz and the xen0 kernel just fine. when the xen0 kernel tries to perform DHCP, it times out. From time to time, we get past this point, but then the connection to the NFS server tends to time out.

I have run these same bits on other hardware and it seems to work just fine. For some reason, once the xen0 kernel loads, it seems that the ethernet (i have tried both broadcom and intel) device in this box becomes flakey.

Any ideas?  Any thoughts on where to go from here?

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