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[Xen-users] Trying to build a stable XEN server

Greetings Xen-Users!!
I'm new to XEN and have been trying to get it to work on this server for 6 weeks now, somewhat unsuccessfully.
I have a Dell PowerEdge 2850 server with the PERC 4 controller and drives configured as RAID-5.  My Linux base is Red Hat Enterprise Server version 3.  I'm compiling with kernel 2.4.x because I have read it is more stable.
I have gotten around getting the server to boot using an initrd, and have had to compile custom kernels as the default XEN binaries do not boot at all.  This machine represents the first time I have compiled a Linux Kernel so I'm still in the learning stages.
I currently have the machine installed with Xen 2.0.7, using Linux Kernel 2.4.30.  I have 3 virtual machines each with its own bridge and NIC interface.  I can run my apps in the virtual machines, but I get the problem where the system will completely freeze with no explanation on the console, or in the error logs.  I read posts where some users have run into this in the past with Dell servers, but found no solutions.
On one of the suggestions I copied my Red Hat .config into my xen0 source directory and ran 'make ARCH=xen menuconfig'.  I configured according to my hardware and tried to reboot.  In dmesg I still don't see the ACPI configurations loading.  I don't know how to patch the kernel.  I tried copying .c files from the i386 sources into xen but I kept getting undeclared function errors.  I noticed when I initially run 'make world' the latest kernel gets downloaded and patched in, but I get lost in the Makefile and don't know the procedure. 
Can someone help please???  How do I insert drivers into a kernel build and test to make sure they will work?
Thanx in advance.

Max Baro 

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