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[Xen-users] can't create 1st domain on debian

Hi all

I've taken the plunge and decided to set up Xen on my AMD64 machine. I want to use amd64 debian as the domain 0 O/S, then install a full amd64 debian dev kit and a couple of 32-bit linuxes on top.

I've got an install of debian amd64 running as domain0, which boots up just fine. I boot it with dom0_mem=131072 (the machine has 1Gb of RAM). I then created some disk images for /, /home and swap using dd, and used

debootstrap --arch amd64 sarge /mnt http://amd64.debian.net/debian-amd64/

to create a base install in the root image, once I had mounted it. I saw a few errors come up in this about missing dependencies.

I chrooted /mnt and did the usual set of changes to /etc/fstab, /etc/network/interfaces etc, then unmounted it.

My problem now is that I can never get the xm create command to work. My config file (/etc/xen/linuxdev) looks like this:

disk=] 'file:/srv/linuxdev.img,hda1,w', 'file:/src/linuxdev_home.img,hda2,w' ]
root="/dev/hda1 ro"

The kernel image file exists and is the -xenU equivalent of my -xen0 working domain0 image (both from the binary unstable dist).

Before I try xm create, xm list shows me:

Name               Id      Mem(MB)      CPU   VCPU(s)   State      Time(s)
Domain-0 0 123 0 1 r---- 18.3

When I do
   xm create /etc/xen/linuxdev -c

I get:

Using config file "/etc/xen/linuxdev".
Error: Error creating domain: (0, 'Error')

xm list now shows:

Name               Id      Mem(MB)      CPU   VCPU(s)   State      Time(s)
Domain-0 0 635 0 1 r---- 19.5

Note the memory increase in Domain-0. Each time I try xm create it goes up until it runs out of memory.

Looking at /var/log/xend-debug.log, the last line says:

File "/local/scratch/xenod/cron-build/xen-unstable-x86_64.ud6331.dir/xen-unstable.hg/dist/install/usr/lib64/python/xen/xend/image.py", line 248, in buildDomain
error: (0, 'Error').

I notice that line 248 of image.py on my system is a call to xc.linux_build.

Hopefully this is some really dumb xen newbie thing I'm doing wrong. Can anyone help?

Sorry for the size of the email; I wanted to include everything.


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