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[Xen-users] throughput differences

Hi all,

I notice a big throughput differences between a normal user and root on Dom-0.  I did the command scp largefile root@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx:~ and got the following result (test is a normal user):

From Dom-0 to Dom-1

Login root --> largefile 100% 4096MB   8.5MB/s   08:01

Login test --> largefile 100% 4096MB   2.9MB/s   23:46 <--???

From Dom-1 to Dom-0

Login root --> largefile 100% 4096MB   8.1MB/s   08:27

Login test --> largefile 100% 4096MB   8.5MB/s   08:02

I have a hard time figuring why will root have faster throughput under Dom-0....  My setup is SuSE Pro 9.3 with Xen (default) for Dom-0 and Dom-1 has the Xen kernel but SLES-9 install for Dom-1.

Anyone did experience the same or can someone shed some light on this?


Daniel Thivierge
Manager, Unix Operating System (except AIX)
Infrastructure Engineering
Tell: (613) 946-0476
Fax: (613) 946-3622
Email: daniel_thivierge@xxxxxxxxxxx
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