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[Xen-users] Question about stability 32bit chroot and xen 2.0.7

I want to run a stable system with Xen, so my best choice
is the xen-2.0.7 installation. I have however a AMD opteron
which is 64 bit.

Will i be able to run a stable Xen server in a 32 bit chroot enviroment
on Debian 3.1 amd64 stable?

Or would my best bet be, install Debian i386 on my amd64
and run xen-2.0.7 from there.

The last option however needs a complete reinstall of the
entire system if i want to replace Xen 2.0.7 with Xen 3.0
if it becomes stable. So i'd rather go with the first option.

But, otoh, my primary objective is to have a STABLE system.
So what should i do?

Kind regards,

Robin van Leeuwen

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