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Re: Filesystems that support migration [Was: Re: [Xen-users] Re: Live Migration Config]

Nate Carlson schrieb:

On Sun, 30 Oct 2005, Tom Brown wrote:

but then I haven't managed to build a filesystem that could be migrated and allows high performance... so it isn't much of a loss :)

[nfs works, but performance bites when compared to a fully cached local block device... anyone wanna start a new thread?]

I just use a SAN with fibre channel.. works great. I'm using CLVM, so all the xen0 boxes see the block devices with the same names; also using GFS to share home directories and such within the domU's.

That is very interesting, thanks for opening a new thread.

What linux flavor do you use for dom0? Do you then need CLVM inside the domUs or is it sufficient to have it in dom0? I looked up the CLVM project page but that does not contain any information. Could you point me to detailed docs, if possible?


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