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[Xen-users] Re: VMWare and xen comparison

On Mon, Oct 31, 2005 at 05:23:56PM +0200, Black Dew wrote:
> >Do you mean setting up a new system as a Dom0, or adding new DomUs? The 
> >former absolutely requires rebooting if not running the hypervisor and 
> >an appropriate kernel already (this being a deep enough design 
> >requirement that despite not being in any way part of the dev team I'm 
> >on quite safe ground saying it won't change, at least until major OS 
> >distributions come with Xen out-of-the-box). If you're discussing adding 
> >new DomUs, on the other hand, this absolutely should not require 
> >rebooting, and if you could be a little more specific about what you're 
> >doing that *does* require you to reboot, perhaps we could help you find 
> >a different procedure. (What's this "install from CD" bit, for instance? 
> >What exactly are you installing? Why are you booting off a CD to do it?)
> I think he refers to installing a brand new OS that will run in a domU 
> by rebooting, installing it off a cd then going back to the old (dom0) 
> os and using the newly-installed OS as a domU.
> The emulation level xen uses is generaly unable to handle the process of 
> installing an OS from a generic installation CD. One of the main 
> problems would be that the kernel on the install CD is meant to run on a 
> rial system, it'll not function in a domU. Replacing the kernel is 
> possible but my guess is that 90% of instalers would barf if ran on a 
> different kernel inside a domU.
> I am personaly using debian, and for me this is a nonproblem, installing 
> a new copy of the os is as simple as:
> mke3fs /dev/blah
> mount /dev/blah /mnt
> debootstrap sarge /mnt
> umount /mnt
> But most of the linux distros don't provide such capability.

http://wiki.sisuite.org/BuildingLinuxChroots - you can do this type of thing
on many distributions.

Suse also provides a Yast panel to build a Xen Root in their latest release.



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