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[Xen-users] vif-antispoof

Hi folks,

I started testing the antispoof feature of xen stable (2.0.7). I am stuck with it.

I have setup a standard bridged environment.

I understood it like this: in domU config I set up the virtual NIC like

   vif = [ 'mac=ae:00:00:78:78:78, ip=' ]

Then I configure /etc/network/interface of this domU to show the same IP address for eth0.

After restarting the physical machine with xend-config.sxp saying
   (vif-antispoof      yes)

the domU should still be able to reach everything like it did before. But it does not. From domU I can ping the bridge it is connected to (that is, eth0 of dom0), but I cannot ping any other host on the same subnet the physical machine is on nor any host on the internet.

There is something I am overlooking, right?

Any hint or help would be greatly appreciated. I have googled and looked in the docs, but found nothing.


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