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[Xen-users] Any hope? OpenSSI, Xen and FCx

I want to use a few physical machines to build a virtual Xen cluster. I'd
like to use OpenSSI, Xen 2.x and FCx for this purpose. I'll probably use
drbd to share block devices.

I've got Xen running on both machines with no issues and am comfortable
with creating domUs, the networking issues, building kernels, etc. I've
got drbd working in the domUs as well.

What I can't seem to figure out is the right combination of kernels and FC
releases. It is my understanding Xen 2.0.7 requires kernel while
OpenSSI requires 2.6.10.

I know there is a Xen kernel for Debian, but I want to stick with FCx
(preferably FC4, but FC3 would be OK) in the dom0s and domUs for

Is there any hope of getting this to work, or should I give up my quest?

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