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Re: [Xen-users] Re: More information about guest OS from Host OS.

On Tuesday 08 November 2005 06:05, Nitesh Gangarde, Noida wrote:
> I am having a problem in xen virtual machine.  I want to know more
> information about guest operating system from host OS (Domain 0).  Like
> What is the IP Address of all Guest Operating System, CPU Information,
> OS Information (Which OS is running on each Guest OS?),  Memory
> Information,  etc.   Is their any command in xen virtual machine so that
> we can know this information?  Please help me to find this solution.

Well, first off: domain 0 isn't a "host OS", it is a GUEST running under xen 
like the domUs are, with the difference its started on boot and has more 
hardware privileges than them.

Now for the domU IP Adresses: xen can't provide that information because it 
simply doesn't have it. Xen just provides the domains with virtual ethernet 
ifaces, wether a domain chooses to run IPv4, IPv6, Appletalk or some other 
protocol over it is entirely up to that domain.
For the operating system running, I don't think xen needs to know about it as 
long it "behaves" in the right way. 

MEM and CPU information are available in "xm list" or "xm vcpu-list".


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