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Re: [Xen-users] Re: Kernel Source version

On Tuesday 08 November 2005 11:53, Charles Duffy wrote:
> Julius wrote:
> > I am trying to compile a driver once I have booted into Xen. The version
> > of the kernel is Do I just need the standard Linux
> > kernel with version or do I need a different one?
> You should use the Linux source tree which you built your copy of
> Xenolinux from (out of your xen-unstable.hg tree), and compile the
> driver with ARCH=xen.

You also should put a line "ARCH=xen" on top of the kernels toplevel Makefile, 
most 3rd party drivers will then automatically be compiled with the right 
arch, and it can save you lots of trouble later on (the kernel source dir is 
usually foobar'ed if you forget to provide ARCH=xen even once)


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