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RES: [Xen-users] install other OS to unprivileged domain

I have tried to do that using FC4 for Dom0 and Sarge for DomU, but I was
unsuccessful while booting the Sarge (domU).

At first, I tried to use the kernel from people.redhat.com/~riel, which was
the only package for FC4 that successfully booted my hardware as dom0. Then
I've copied an existing Sarge installation and the boot of the DomU was

After that, I've downloaded xen-unstable and recompiled the kernel for the
domU (keeping riel's code for xen and dom0), and there was made complete
chaos: the domU wouldn?t even start to boot. :-)

If you manage to get this working, please drop me a line on how you did it.


 Felipe Franciosi                      +55-51-91230557
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 http://www.cpad.pucrs.br/          ozzy@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
 Porto Alegre, RS - Brazil

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Shu Hung (Koala) wrote:

> 2005/11/9, Dirk H. Schulz <dirk.schulz@xxxxxxxxxxxxx 
> <mailto:dirk.schulz@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>>:
>     Shu Hung (Koala) schrieb:
>     That is one way to do it.
>     The other ways depend on the distro you want to install. For Debian
>     there is debootstrap, e.g.
>     Dirk
> Thanks for information. ^^
> Can I use debootstrap to install Debian on my existing Xen (using 
> Fedora Core 4 as privilege domain)? How can I do so?
> Koala
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I have packaged dpkg and debootstrap for that purpose on FC4.
You can trie the following rpm. Let me know if it don't work well.


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