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Re:[Xen-users] save and migrate fail

Hi, Tom!

Thanks for answering.
Tom Brown wrote:

the trace isn't going to be of any help, as all the xm command does is
send the save command to the daemon on port 8000, which sent back the

   errors: transfer daemon (xfrd) error: 1

tracing the daemon listening on port 8000 (may or may not be xfrd) might
be more informative.

the strace to xfrd results in no suitable information:
a child is forked, that's it.

But in /var/log/xfrd.log I found:

[DEBUG] Conn_sxpr>
(xfr.hello 1 0)[DEBUG] Conn_sxpr< err=0
[DEBUG] Conn_sxpr>
(xfr.save 2 "(domain (id 2) (name xgps) (memory 831) (maxmem 1000)
(state -b---) (cpu 3) (cpu_time 1.127879316) (up_time 20.1359410286)
(start_time 1131609926.52) (console (status listening) (id 15) (domain
2) (local_port 15) (remote_port 1) (console_port 9602)) (devices (vif
(idx 0) (vif 0) (mac aa:00:00:19:ac:a7) (vifname vif2.0) (bridge
xen-br0) (evtchn 17 4) (index 0)) (vif (idx 1) (vif 1) (mac
aa:00:00:19:ac:a7) (vifname vif2.1) (bridge xen-br1) (evtchn 18 5)
(index 1)) (vbd (idx 0) (vdev 2049) (device 2081) (mode w) (dev sda1)
(uname phy:/dev/sdc1) (node /dev/sdc1) (index 0)) (vbd (idx 1) (vdev
2050) (device 2082) (mode w) (dev sda2) (uname phy:/dev/sdc2) (node
/dev/sdc2) (index 1)) (vbd (idx 2) (vdev 2051) (device 2083) (mode w)
(dev sda3) (uname phy:/dev/sdc3) (node /dev/sdc3) (index 2)) (vbd (idx
3) (vdev 2052) (device 2084) (mode w) (dev sda4) (uname phy:/dev/sdc4)
(node /dev/sdc4) (index 3)) (vbd (idx 4) (vdev 2065) (device 2097) (mode
w) (dev sdb1) (uname phy:/dev/sdd1) (node /dev/sdd1) (index 4)) (vbd
(idx 5) (vdev 2066) (device 2145) (mode w) (dev sdb2) (uname
phy:/dev/sdg1) (node /dev/sdg1) (index 5))) (config (vm (name xgps)
(memory 1000) (image (linux (kernel /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.11-xenU) (root
'/dev/sda1 ro'))) (device (vbd (uname phy:/dev/sdc1) (dev sda1) (mode
w))) (device (vbd (uname phy:/dev/sdc2) (dev sda2) (mode w))) (device
(vbd (uname phy:/dev/sdc3) (dev sda3) (mode w))) (device (vbd (uname
phy:/dev/sdc4) (dev sda4) (mode w))) (device (vbd (uname phy:/dev/sdd1)
(dev sdb1) (mode w))) (device (vbd (uname phy:/dev/sdg1) (dev sdb2)
(mode w))) (device (vif (mac aa:00:00:19:ac:a7) (bridge xen-br0)))
(device (vif (mac aa:00:00:19:ac:a7) (bridge xen-br1))))))"
/tmp/xgps.save)[DEBUG] Conn_sxpr< err=0
[1131609946.667909] xc_linux_save start 2

xc_linux_save start 2
Frame # in pfn-to-mfn frame list is not in pseudophys
Frame # in pfn-to-mfn frame list is not in pseudophys
2979 [INF] XFRD> Xfr service err=0

From the source xc_linux_save.c I found that this means:
"a given machine frame number has no unique mapping in the guests
pseudophysical map"

As I am new to XEN I have no real idea what this could mean.
The physical devices are mapped; there are on a SAN.

Thanks for any help


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