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AW: AW: [Xen-users] Use hard drive as physical mem for xen vm

>Can you really not configure MySQL to have a smaller RAM footprint?

Unfortunately no - mysql itself recommends even with a small amount of data
at least 
16GB RAM, but we calculated that it will run with 4GB in our case, but that
is the
limit we have to support to the domain!

>If you really want to be evil, you could configure a 4Gig domain, start
>and then *balloon* it down to 2Gig.  MySQL would still see a 4Gig machine, 
>just with lots of memory allocated by the kernel...  In reality that 
>"allocated" memory is given back to Xen.

Urgh, that is realy 'evil' and I don't think that this will lead to a stable
cluster node instead I remeber that mysql cluster nodes takes all memory he
can get
as buffer, so if you size this down that heavily, the cluster node will

>Have fun; if you do try this please let us know how it goes.  It's such an 
>utterly twisted thing to do, I'm very curious to find out if it works!

:-) Sorry, but I think this is no alternative for me.

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