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[Xen-users] AW: Use hard drive as physical mem for xen vm

>I'm still really confused here.  How damn slow can it be?  If you have an
>application that thinks it is in full memory (and needs full memory), and
>isn't, then you'll probably see in the neighborhood of a 1000 x slow down
>(or worse).  So an operation that normally takes 1 second, would instead 20

That's somehow to 'easy calculated'. I think that if our application needs
about 1sec for a query on a non-clustered-memory system (only using standard
mysql harddisc files), then it won't take 20min on a mysql-cluster with
drive emulated memory. Why should it? It then would use the same technology
store and query data from (in both cases hard-drive) perhaps needing some
time to execute because of some overhead mysql-cluster daemon generates -
that's all. Your calculation seems somehow nonsens to me (sorry!).

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