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Re: [Xen-users] Xen-3.0, Mandriva-dom0 ethernet

I am not sure if this should be on this list or Mandriva, but I am also
having the same problem using the Mandriva xen-3.0 package (which seems
to be using a snapshot form Aug 23, 2005, based on the name of the
tarball in the SRPM)

I am also using the Mandriva-patched kernel for Dom0, which is really
just the standard Mandriva kernel but patched for Xen.

If I boot into the stock (non-Xen-enabled) kernel, all is good.  If I
boot into the Dom0 kernel, all the right interfaces come up, but no IP
is obtained (via DHCP).  If I try to specify a static IP on eth0 and
manually add the gateway information, I am still unable to ping out from
the machine, nor get ping replies from it.

There are no IPTables rules running.

I do not believe the problem has to do with 'xend', as I have stopped
it, with no luck resulting, and have also set it to not start on reboot
and then rebooted, with no IP still showing up on eth0.

I am not sure if the problem lies with the xen-3.0 or the Mandriva

I have downloaded the latest "xen-unstable-src.tgz" file fromt he
downloads page and will attempt to build a new RPM with that code and
see if that fixes anything, but also just wanted to see if any other
answers might be out there.

TIA for your help.


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